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Stefhanie Smith

Stefhanie came to Ketchikan on a fishing boat in 1996 as a deck hand for Sea Urchin and Sea Cucumber Fisheries. She was also involved in a survey for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, gathering information for potential dive fishery sites in Southeast Alaska.

She has worked with architectural and engineering firms in Ketchikan, Ketchum, Idaho and Bend, Oregon, drafting and providing different levels of support for 10 years. She has also held real estate licenses in Las Vegas, Nevada and Bend, Oregon. Her other endeavors consist of assisting project and development managers with opening retail spaces, buying assortments, and designing and merchandising commercial spaces.


Stephanie has 7 years of experience in operational and general management in the tourism industry, and has managed teams of up to 40 employees. Additionally, she started two businesses: an espresso stand on a busy street in Ketchikan that operated during the summer months, and an import business based out of Portland, Oregon, where she developed marketing material and captured a client base that encompassed the western States.

Stefhanie joined Welsh Whiteley Architects in 2019, drafting and supporting various projects. She is currently working towards a degree in Industrial Design through the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys snowboarding, climbing, diving, and yoga.

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